Top Podcasts for Literacy & SEN Teachers

Top Podcasts for Literacy & SEN Teachers

Are you a teacher looking for fresh ideas and practical strategies to enhance your literacy instruction or support students with special educational needs (SEN)? Podcasts are a fantastic way to gain insights, learn new techniques, and stay updated on the latest educational trends—all while on the go. Here’s a roundup of some must-listen podcasts that focus on literacy and SEN:

1. The Literacy Lounge
Focus: Literacy Instruction
Description: The Literacy Lounge discusses literacy strategies. This podcast is perfect for teachers looking to enhance their reading programs and engage students with diverse learning needs.

2. The Edtech Podcast
Focus: Educational Technology
Description: The Edtech Podcast explores how technology, including audiobooks, supports education. It features interviews with educators, technologists, and policymakers, providing insights into the latest trends and innovations in educational technology.

3. Twinkl Talks
Focus: Primary Education
Description: Twinkl Talks is packed with ideas and resources for primary teachers, including literacy support. The podcast offers practical tips and creative ideas for engaging young learners and enhancing their reading skills through interactive and innovative methods.

4. The Dyslexia Explored Podcast
Focus: Dyslexia Support
Description: The Dyslexia Explored Podcast shares real-life stories and expert advice on supporting dyslexic students. It covers various tools and resources that can help students with dyslexia thrive in their reading and learning journey.

5. The SENCast
Focus: Special Educational Needs
Description: The SENCast offers practical advice and insights for SEN teachers and coordinators. Each episode dives into various aspects of SEN, providing strategies and resources to support all learners effectively. This podcast is an excellent resource for staying informed about best practices in SEN education.

Enhance your teaching toolkit with these valuable podcasts focused on literacy and SEN. Whether you’re looking for strategies to integrate audiobooks into your lessons or seeking advice on supporting students with special needs, these podcasts provide a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

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