Voxblock tokens

What are tokens?

10 tokens = 1 free audiobook

Voxblock tokens can be redeemed for free audiobooks. You will be posted one token for each audiobook ordered. You then add these tokens to your collection card, when you have 10 tokens you can choose a free audiobook. You will receive a collection card with your first order.

How do I redeem my tokens?

  • Collect 10 tokens and stick them to your collection card
  • Choose the audiobook you would like from our library
  • Fill out the card with your chosen audiobook and postal address
  • Attach a stamp and post the card in a letter box - and that's it!

World Book Day 2024

This year we offered double tokens to everyone who ordered audiobooks on World Book Day, as well as, Starter Pack discounts and fun activity ideas. You can read more about this years celebration here.

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