Audiobook Players for Schools

The Voxblock Schools Packages are an easy and affordable way for schools to invest in Voxblock; offering a unique discount on players, audiobooks and accessories, which isn't otherwise available.

Our Voxblock School Packages are designed for teachers, including all necessary practicalities.

Each package comes with:

  • Voxblock players and protective bumpers: Players have both a speaker and headphone jack, allowing independent or shared listening. Protective bumpers come in a choice of orange, green or red.
  • Audiobooks: Select your preferred titles from our library of hundreds of audiobooks.
  • Supporting resources: Containing information on each title you've selected. There are activities and lesson plans for selected titles.
  • Charging hub(s): To charge multiple players at the same time.
  • Aux cable(s): The cable allows the Voxblock to connect to either a speaker or a screen.

Optional addition:

  • Headphones: These allow children to listen independently, or as a small group by daisy chaining the headphones together. Schools are entitled to 10% of our range which you can find here.

Our School Packages are available in various sizes, including:

You can order our schools packages online or if you prefer to pay via invoice place your order here and we will be in touch to confirm.

We also offer schools a 10% discount on our standard Starter Packs, just email schools@voxblock.co.uk for your exclusive discount code.

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Using audiobooks in schools and nurseries

Experience the future of EdTech literacy with Voxblock audiobook players, a revolutionary but easy-to-use solution designed for classrooms and school libraries. Voxblock audiobook players are internet free, eliminating any requirement for connectivity, allowing students unrestricted access to audiobooks without internet dependency, addressing any privacy or GDPR concerns. Voxblocks are suitable for use by individual students, small groups or a whole class. They are perfect for creating a listening station in the classroom or library.

Simple audiobook player

Boasting a long battery life and simple design, Voxblock ensures uninterrupted audio throughout the school day, promoting a positive library experience. Its user-friendly interface empowers students of all ages to independently explore content, fostering a love of literacy.

The audiobooks are physical blocks, children can easily select what they’d like to listen to and then slot it into the player.  

Key features:

  • Screen-free
  • 100% wifi and connectivity free
  • Built in speaker for shared listening and headphone jack that fits any standard headphones
  • Long battery life; 14 hours of play, 25 days of standby
  • Rechargeable with USB cable included
  • No set up required, use straight out of the box
  • Robust and simple to use
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Voxblock is dedicated to promoting literacy at every stage. There are hundreds of audiobooks to choose from with a curated library tailored for Early Years, Key Stage 1, and Key Stage 2, it provides a comprehensive and age-appropriate educational experience. Coupled with supporting learning resources, Voxblock becomes an invaluable tool in nurturing a passion for reading among students.

Audiobooks play a vital role in promoting literacy, especially for reluctant readers. For those who find traditional reading challenging, audiobooks offer an alternative way to access literature. By listening to audiobooks, reluctant readers can absorb content, comprehend plots, and develop essential language skills.

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Haddington school

Case study

Haddington Primary School has had Voxblock in their classrooms since December 2022. They have recently expanded their audio library across the school.

The teachers thoughts

  • Children showed development in their storytelling skills
  • Stories have supported classwork
  • Voxblock provided an additional play-based learning tool
  • Players have been useful for reluctant or struggling readers

You can read the complete case study below and watch the STV news clip here

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Teaching resources

We're here to help teachers and school librarians make the most of Voxblock and our audiobooks in the classroom.

Access our free classroom resources including discussion notes, activity sheets and more here.

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