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Audio in the Classroom

An easy to use solution designed for classrooms and schools.

The power of audio in the classroom 

Experience the future of EdTech literacy with Voxblock audiobook players, a revolutionary but easy-to-use solution designed for classrooms and school libraries. Voxblock audiobook players are internet free, eliminating any requirement for connectivity, allowing students unrestricted access to audiobooks without internet dependency, addressing any privacy or GDPR concerns.

Voxblocks are suitable for use by individual students, small groups or a whole class. They are perfect for creating a listening station in the classroom or library.

If you're ready to order, you can either order online and pay via credit card or if you prefer to pay via invoice, please place your order here. To get in touch with our School Account Manager email schools@voxblock.co.uk.

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Hundreds of stories to choose from

Choose from a curated library tailored for Early Years, Key Stage 1,and Key Stage 2.

Why teachers love Voxblock

Esther Brown

Class Teacher

“The children are over the moon and it has really enhanced the library space. I'm a huge believer in the power of audiobooks to create readers and they are such an important tool for inclusion. It is the perfect product for schools as it doesn't require the internet and is so simple to use.”

Leah Wood

Class Teacher

“Since having a cassette player in the classroom, nothing has been able to be used in this way.”

Daniel Jones

Class Teacher

“It has been a much bigger hit, than our Wellbeing Officer thought it would be. Her pupils that use it, love it, they range from 9 to 18 years old, and interestingly the older ones love the old classics, specifically Paddington bear!"

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