Voxblock Audiobook Player

Screen and wifi free audiobook player
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Our screen free audiobook player enables you to play any of our audiobooks. wifi-free, with built-in speakers and headphone jack, featuring sleep and travel modes.

100% Connection free. 100% Hassle free.

Color: No bumper

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no wifi connection needed is a feature of a Voxblock screen-free audiobook playerNo wifi required
a Voxblock screen-free audiobook player suitable for toddlers to teensToddler to teens
a built in speaker is a feature of a Voxblock audiobook playerBuilt in speaker
headphone jack is a feature of a Voxblock screen-free audiobook playerHeadphone jack
long battery life is a feature of a Voxblock screen-free audiobook playerLong battery life
bedtime mode is a feature of a Voxblock screen-free audiobook playerBedtime mode
bookmarking is a feature of a Voxblock screen-free audiobook playerBookmarks
audio skipping is a feature of a Voxblock screen-free audiobook playerAudio scrubbing

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Easy to use

Voxblock is ready to play right out of the box, with no wifi or setup required.

Simple to set up, no parents required

Parent-free setup

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Unwind without screens

no wifi, no connectivity, no hassle

100% connection free

Child drawing a picture with a voxblock player with green bumper on the table. The audiobook he is listening to is the Jungle Book which has a green cover with plants.


Creativity and imagination

Explore new worlds with our growing library of stories to nurture development and develop valuable language and listening skills for lifelong learning.

The Secret Garden audiobook and audiobook player sit on a bedside table beside a sleeping child.


Best bedtime routine

A great nights sleep is vital for the development of our future bookworms. Our screen-free audiobook means no distracting glow keeping kids awake.

Plus, you can easily enable bedtime mode to play your chosen story for 20 minutes before entering standby mode and drifting off to sleep.



Amazing product

Amazing product! I’d looked at other types of audiobook players for my 6 year old but the books were only designed for young readers. I came across Voxblock and I’m so impressed. A wide variety of books suitable for young right up to teenagers. Really easy to use, volume and charge lasts a long time. My son was thrilled to receive his player for Christmas and we’ve now got great book ideas to get for his birthday. Fantastic quick delivery when I ordered right before Christmas and came quickly. Brilliant product, highly recommended.


Would highly recommend Voxblock

As soon as we gave the Voxblock to our nearly 8 year old grandson he loved it. No more tablet or watching dvd's, when we are in the car, he just sits and listens to his audiobooks. We found out when we bought the book that the audiobook follows the book so my grandson can now follow the written word while listening to the same story. Would highly recommend.
Would also like to say that their Customer Care is Outstanding. We had an issue with an order being delivered to the wrong address by Royal Mail. The Voxblock Customer Care team were superb in dealing with this issue.


Absolutely fab product!

Absolutely fab product!
Brought for 7 year old - love the fact this has older books available as felt some of its competitors were very much pre school KS1.
Love the simplicity, reasonable price, solid device but LOVE the little book cartridges as still feels like choosing a book. Also provides opportunity to discuss the features of a book /
Title, blurb, author etc.
Highly recommend!
Ps the sleep function is also brill!

Kevin Seeruthun

Genuinely one of the standout products…

While everything is switching to online always connected wireless and Bluetooth enabled, Voxblock's are going the other way.
The player connects via USB-C for easy recharging and requires no internet, WiFi or Bluetooth connection. The 'books' can be hot swapped out for another book and the device remembers where you stopped listening.
There is a rather impressive list of books available for all ages, with a range also available for adults, who want to disconnect.
My kids love there Voxblocks and rarely put them down. We've had ours nearly a year and the enthusiasm for it shows no signs of waining.


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