How to use your

Getting the most out of your player

The controls

Wind down with Voxblock
Bedtime mode 🌙

Bedtime mide enables 20 minutes of playtime before automatically going into standby.

Enable and disable bedtime mode by holding down both chapter buttons until you hear a tone. You'll know that you're in bedtime mode because the status light will be red.

jump into stories
Choose your chapter

Use the left and right arrows to navigate between chapters. If you want to jump right to the end of beginning of the audiobook, hold down the arrow till you hear a tone.

Charging your Voxblock

To get the best performance, always charge your Voxblock from a USB wall plug (and not a computer USB port, or a laptop charger).

A Voxblock audiobook player plays Alice in Wonderland against an orange background. Two other audiobooks sit either side: Peter Pan and The Jungle Book.


Nope. The audio is physically stored on each block, meaning that we are completely connectivity free.

You can recharge your player using a USB-C cable.