Close up image of a young boy's hands, holding a wooden Voxblock prototype.


Hi, we're Tom and Rebecca

greeb cassette

The birth of an idea...

The idea for Voxblock began when we came across some old cassettes and played them for our daughter. She loved listening to them, but struggled to insert the tapes and press the buttons by herself.

And since cassettes are not widely produced anymore, it was difficult to find new stories for her to listen to. We experimented with using a tablet, but that came with its own set of challenges. We needed to find a new way for her to listen to her favourite stories, and it needed to be screen free.

A light bulb on a white background, yellow pegs used to represent the light coming from the bulb.

What now?

We experimented with several available audio players but they never quite delivered on our requirements. We wanted a player that was simple for children to use independently, and tangible books that they could bond with. Plus, we wanted a device that could survive the bumps and bangs of everyday use; it needed to be built to last.

Two children sitting on the floor swap audiobooks. A pile of Voxblock audiobooks sits in front of them.

Enter Voxblock

A few weeks of tinkering in the garage later, and the first Voxblock prototype was born. It ticked all our boxes, and our daughter loved using it too.

We shared this prototype with family and friends, whose enthusiasm confirmed there was a need for a simple, screen free audiobook player.

Tom and Rebecca, the Voxblock founders, stand in front of a bookcase, a player and audiobooks on a shelf between them.