How it works
Screen free audiobooks
Simple to use

Bring stories to life by easily slotting your audiobook into the screen-free player. You have the freedom to pause or change your audiobook at any time, and return to where you left off the next time you listen.

No need for apps, downloads, or setups. Just play and go. Anytime, anywhere.

travel companion
Ideal for adventures

Designed for kids, and made to last all the rough and tumble kids can throw at it.

You can carry your favourite companion with you wherever you go, whether that be in the car, on a plane, or a train. Plus, the battery lasts for days with just a single charge.

Learn and play

Just pick a audiobook, place it in your player and play. No need to rely on grown-ups. Build your collection of tactile audiobooks to display and treasure for life - unlike with digital files.

Best bedtime routine

A great nights sleep is vital for the development of our future bookworms. Our screen-free audiobook means no distracting glow keeping kids awake.

Plus, you can easily enable bedtime mode to play your chosen story for 20 minutes before entering standby mode and drifting off to sleep.

Immerse in the world of tangible audio

Each of our audiobooks lives on a physical block. They're made to be collected, swapped, displayed and loved.

  • Ideal Gifts

    A gift you can treasure forever - not just another digital file.

  • Conscious

    Our blocks are made from card, not plastic. And best of all, they're designed to last.

  • Compatible with all bookshelves

    From fantasy to adventure, familiar favourites to brand new releases, we have titles to suit every bookshelf.

  • Ready to play

    The audio is stored on the block and ready to play out of the box. No need for streaming or download.


Nope. The audio is physically stored on each block, meaning that we are completely connectivity free. There is no wifi or apps to configure and the Voxblock player just plays the blocks as soon as they are inserted.

You charge your player using a USB-C cable provided and any USB wall socket or brick.