200 Audiobooks: Audiobooks for Every Age and Every Stage

200 Audiobooks: Audiobooks for Every Age and Every Stage

Recently Voxblock celebrated a big milestone by releasing our 200th audiobook with the launch of our Roald Dahl books. 

At Voxblock, we've carefully curated a library that evolves with your child. From enchanting short stories for the little ones like ‘Old Bear and Friends’ and ‘Fairytales For You’, to thrilling adventures for the older kids such as ‘Alex Rider’ and ‘Malamander’, our range is as diverse as it is engaging.

Stories that grow with you

We have made sure to grow a book catalogue at Voxblock that involves every stage of your child’s development. There are no limitations to a child’s imagination with Voxblock, and this is also the case with their educational development. Our expanding selection isn't just about fiction. We've also included a variety of non-fiction audiobooks that complement your child’s learning at school, enriching their knowledge and satisfying their natural curiosity.

Below are some possible journeys a child could go on with our audiobook catalogue. There are so many to choose from that even we had a hard time choosing!

Age 3 to Teens Fiction audiobook journey
Age 3 and beyond fiction audiobook journey













As you can see Voxblock’s audiobook selection can allow your child to build an engaging and fun audiobook collection. The team at Voxblock works hard to continually add to our catalogue so that there is always something new to enjoy.

The audio player that grows with you

Our focus isn't just on the books; it's also on the experience. The Voxblock player is designed to be age-neutral, simple enough for younger users yet stylishly modern for older children. Customisation options, like different coloured bumpers, add a personal touch, with more of these planned for the future.

 As we continually expand our catalogue, rest assured there will always be something new and exciting for your child to discover.

Explore our collection today and help your child start building their unique audiobook library!

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