British Science Week 2024: Learn Science with Voxblock

British Science Week 2024: Learn Science with Voxblock

It's British Science Week this week and it’s a chance to celebrate curiosity, discovery and all things scientific. From the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of space, British Science Week invites us to delve into the world of science and technology. We wanted to take this opportunity here at Voxblock to showcase some of the titles that inspire scientific curiosity and learning. 

Of course, no celebration of science would be complete without acknowledging the brilliant minds behind the breakthroughs. It provides an opportunity to celebrate and champion scientists, engineers, and innovators from all walks of life. But doing so, it may just encourage a new generation of young scientists-in-the-making. In our audiobook catalogue we have a selection of titles of factual and science fiction that will help spark those bright ideas. 


Want to learn all the facts about scientific discoveries and ancient species that used to roam the earth. Here are some titles perfect for listening to at home or learning in a classroom.

1. Great Scientists and Their Discoveries by David Angus

Learn how great scientists made their remarkable discoveries. Follow in the footsteps of 10 scientists ranging from the world of Ancient Greece to the twentieth century discovery of DNA.

2. Dinosaurs by Jen Green

Go back in time and discover how these magnificent creatures roamed the Earth. Find out which dinosaurs hunted in packs. What dinosaur was the largest? And what was the deadliest dinosaur of them all?

3. The Planets and the Solar System by Jen Green

Get a fascinating introduction to our universe and neighbouring planets. Take a tour of our solar system, across billions of kilometres. Discover how each planet is different from our own, like Jupiter which is a big ball of gas.


Science Fiction

Science can inspire a whole array of fictional stories, full wonder, laughs and imagination. Here are some of our favourite science inspired stories.

1. Baby Aliens Got My Teacher by Pamela Butchart

Follow Izzy and friends as they discover their teacher has been taken over by aliens. For once their teacher has been nice to them, which is strange behaviour, they must figure everything out before their teacher turns the rest of them into aliens too.

2. George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl

George dabbles in chemistry by creating his own medicine to make his Grandma less of a grump. She just loves being mean and grumpy. So, using some strange ingredients, George creates a magic medicine. But what will the result be of this concoction?

3. The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

When a pilot crash lands in the desert he finds a strange little boy who says he comes from a completely different planet. The little boy tells the pilot about all his magical adventures exploring planets, making friends and finding the true meaning of love.


We hope you enjoy learning new things about science and technology, check out the British Science Week website for some fun activities and competitions.

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