Creative Storytimes with Voxblock

Creative Storytimes with Voxblock

With National Storytelling Week next week, we thought it'd be fun to explore various ways of weaving storytime into creative activities. Activities for kids that can be done alone or with the whole family. Delving into audiobooks not only offers the freedom to multitask but also sparks imaginative play. So, why not shake up your typical storytime routine and discover how a Voxblock audiobook player opens up fresh avenues for creativity? Our tangible audiobooks establish a tactile connection reminiscent of traditional books. Begin your storytime by selecting Voxblock stories favourites right from the shelf, embracing a unique and engaging experience.

1. Painting the Story

If you and your kids enjoy unleashing your creativity through arts and crafts, why not pair it with a Voxblock audiobook session? Dive into the world of imagination as you paint scenes inspired by the book while listening. Let your artistic expressions flow, whether through paints, pens, or even experimenting with coloured paper to craft a vibrant collage. After completing your masterpieces, take a moment to compare and discuss the similarities and differences in your artwork, fostering a delightful conversation around your shared artistic adventure. A fun activity that can be done at home especially on a blustery, rainy day. 

2. Become the Character

Is getting dressed up in costumes a favourite activity in your household? Why not take it up a notch and transform into beloved characters from your favourite Voxblock audiobook? Immerse yourself in the character's story, and once the book concludes, bring their moments to life through playful reenactments. Enhance the fun by building a snug fort and let your storytime session transport you to a world of imagination and adventure.

3. Outdoor Imagination

Explore the great outdoors with a captivating outdoor storytime using Voxblock. With its built-in speaker, you have the freedom to enjoy your favourite tales anywhere. Take a journey to the woods in search of The Gruffalo, venture into the garden to join Peter Rabbit, or head to the beach for a treasure island adventure with the Famous Five. Grab a blanket, pack some snacks, and immerse yourself in an adventurous audiobook experience amidst the refreshing open air.

4. Become a Detective

Can you guess how the story will end? Take regular intervals throughout the story to guess what will happen next in the story. Write down your guess then fold over the paper and once the story is finished compare your answers and see if anyone was able to guess the story before it finished.

5. Create Your Own World

The National Literacy Trust's theme for this year's National Storytelling Week is to 'dream up a world.' So why not do just that and have a short story writing session. Put on your favourite audiobook for inspiration and relaxation and get lost in your imagination and create your own world. A fun activity that can be done alone or with the whole family.

There are so many ways to incorporate reading and stories into your activities and with the ease of audiobooks it allows you to do more activities at once. Making developing literacy skills that bit more fun.

If you get creative at storytime with your Voxblock, you can use #voxblock on socials to share how you get creative. You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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