The Best of 2023

The Best of 2023

As we say goodbye to 2023 and the most magical year at Voxblock we wanted to look back at some of our favourite highlights. 

This year at Voxblock has been a treasure trove of imagination, magical and heartwarming stories. But not only that, we have welcomed some major titles, grew our audiobook catalogue to 200 books and spread the word far and wide about Voxblock to double our sales from last year.

Join us as we delve into the bestsellers of 2023 but also the new launches you went wild for this year.



Although thanks to our Starter Packs most of our bestsellers come from there. However some of these titles are still hugely popular out-with Starter Pack purchases.  

1. A Bear Called Paddington, £13.99

2. Pippi Longstocking, £12.99

3. Little Wolf's Book of Badness, £9.99

4. Peter Pan, £5.99

5. Alice's Adventure in Wonderland, £5.99

6. Bedtime Meditations for Kids, £7.99

7. Pinocchio, £11.99

8. The Adventures of the Wishing Chair, £13.99

9. Old Bear and Friends, £11.99

10. The Enchanted Wood, £13.99



New releases

We had so many big launches this year with our first full year of trading. However these top 10 were clearly your favourites, plus there is so many to come next year too.

Top 10 new releases of 2023

1. The Train to Impossible Place, £12.99

2. Fairytales for You, £10.99

3. Dinosaurs, £7.99

4. Horrible Histories: Rotten Romans, £11.99

5. How I Became a Dog Called Midnight, £12.99

6. Famous Five: Five on a Treasure Island, £13.99

7. Famous Five: Five Run Away Together, £13.99

8. George's Marvellous Medicine, £12.99

9. James and the Giant Peach, £13.99

10. Alex Rider: Point Blanc, £13.99


Other highlights of 2023

Said hello to the Famous Five

We launched three stories from the Famous Five collection and has been well received since its launch. The Famous Five titles are available to purchase through Voxblock individually or as a bundle.

Welcomed Roald Dahl

The magical and chaotic world of Roald Dahl came to Voxblock late this year with the launch of James and the Giant Peach, George's Marvellous Medicine and The Witches. These titles are available individually and as a bundle. Plus a limited edition Starter Pack that includes the above titles.

Major retail pop-up

This Christmas we also had the excitement of partaking in a pop up shop at the Edinburgh branch of John Lewis. It was incredibly exciting to spread the word about Voxblock and meet some of you that are already proud Voxblock owners. We received some incredible feedback and can't wait to see more of you in the future.


2023 has been such a fun and exciting year at Voxblock and we already know there is some exciting things to come in the New Year.   


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