Unicorn Academy now on Voxblock audiobooks

Unicorn Academy now on Voxblock audiobooks

Guess what's galloping into your lives like a sparkly tornado of magic and friendship? The Unicorn Academy series is now available on Voxblock, and the audiobooks are ready to sprinkle your ears with all the glitter and magic you could possibly want.

The books that inspired the Netflix stories, join Sophia and Rainbow, Ava and Star and the other unicorns from Unicorn Academy, for adventures throughout Enchanted Valley. 

Unicorn Academy Audiobook Bundle

The Unicorn Academy series by the fantastic Julie Sykes, includes:  

 🦄 Unicorn Academy: Sophia and Rainbow

🔥 Unicorn Academy: Scarlett and Blaze

⭐ Unicorn Academy: Ava and Star

☁️ Unicorn Academy: Isabel and Cloud

💃 Unicorn Academy: Layla and Dancer

❄️ Unicorn Academy: Olivia and Snowflake

These magical tales can be bought on their own or bundled together, as a set of three or six audiobooks, ensuring you can immerse yourself in the magic without getting glued to a screen. Perfect for unicorn-loving kids and grown-ups alike! 

If you're on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift for the unicorn fan in your life, look no further. Ideal listening from 3 years old, these enchanting tales are the golden ticket to a magical Christmas.

So, grab your unicorn mug, put on your unicorn slippers, and get ready to embark on a journey filled with friendship, magic, and glitter. The Unicorn Academy is waiting for you at Voxblock, where every day is a unicorn adventure!

Happy listening, magical souls!