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A Bear Called Paddington

A Bear Called Paddington is the introduction to the polite yet mischievous world of Paddington Bear. Written by beloved author Michael Bond, the story begins with a little bear who finds himself alone in Paddington station. While he’s sitting on an old suitcase, he meets the Brown family, who take him in after reading his tag, “Please look after this bear, thank you”.Little do the Browns realise, their life is about to be turned upside down (in the best way possible) by this little Peruvian bear. With his famous blue coat and bright red hat in hand, Paddington quickly wins over the hearts of his family and neighbours, however, culture shocks and misunderstandings lead to chaos for little Paddington. From bathtub disasters, theatrical confusions and an accidental trip out to sea, Paddington’s well meaning and innocent escapades captivate both adults and children alike. Throughout his little adventures, readers and listeners are treated to Paddington’s kind, empathetic and unique perspective on life, beautifully encapsulating the overarching themes of family and friendship. In particular the use of humour to contrast Paddington’s more poignant moments, highlights the importance of embracing one another's differences.As Paddington becomes accustomed to the bustling city of London, his little mishaps serve as a gentle reminder that sometimes the smallest and unexpected surprises bring the greatest joys in life. With endearing characters and timeless charm, A Bear Called Paddington is a well-loved classic within Children’s Literature, that will always serve to delight, whether you’re experiencing these stories for the first time, or just revisiting them, this audiobook is guaranteed to leave you with a smile.

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Michael Bond

Michael Bond was a British children’s author, best known as the creator of Paddington Bear. Over a career that spanned fifty-nine years, Bond published dozens of books, with more than 35 million co...
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Renowned for his instantly recognizable voice and exceptional storytelling abilities, Stephen Fry is an iconic figure in the world of audiobook narration. With a career that spans comedy, acting, a...


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