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Escape the Rooms

Escape The Rooms audiobook front cover.
Escape the Rooms audiobook

A high-energy, laugh-out-loud adventure story by much-loved actor Stephen Mangan.

The last thing Jack expected when he bungee-jumped at the fairground was to go plummeting right through the ground into the weird, wonderful Rooms....

There he must face a series of puzzles and traps alongside a mysterious girl called Cally, in order for them to find their way home. Throw in a murderous polar bear, hundreds of tiny yet ferocious lions, some mind-blowing riddles, and get ready for a hilarious, helter-skelter adventure like no other!

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narrator Stephen Mangan

Read by

Stephen Mangan

With a vibrant and expressive voice, Stephen Mangan brings depth and authenticity to his audiobook narrations, creating an immersive and enjoyable listening experience. As a talented actor and stor...

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