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Get Me Out of Here!

Get Me Out Of Here! audiobook front cover.
Get Me Out of Here! audiobook

Best-selling Andy McNab and award-winning Phil Earle join forces for the very first time, and the results are hilarious!

Danny Mack's mates are brilliant: there's his best mate Giraffles (yeah, you read that right), so-called because of his unusually long neck; the MandM twins (you got it - like the chocolate) who are always finishing each other's sentences; and Lucky Success, who... Well, I reckon you can guess how he got his name.

They're the best mates a kid could ask for, and when an epic school trip is announced, they're all properly made up about it. Because school trips are just an excuse to have a big laugh with your mates, right? Erm, wrong.

Let's just say that this is a school trip like no other, and Danny, Giraffles, Lucky and the MandMs have got a real challenge on their hands.

Will they make it through? 

If Danny has anything to do with it, you bet they will! 

narrator Dan Bottomley

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Dan Bottomley

Dan Bottomley's expressive and engaging narrations make audiobooks a captivating and enjoyable journey for listeners. With a background in performance and a love for storytelling, Dan brings a weal...

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