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Harry and the Dinosaurs: The Snow Smashers!

Harry And The Dinosaurs Snow audiobook front cover.
Harry and the Dinosaurs: The Snow Smashers! audiobook

Harry believes that he has grown too old for his bucketful of dinosaurs, much to their dismay.

But when Harry realises that he can bring his old dinosaur friends to life simply by rubbing the dinosaur cards on his keyring, he's ready for new fun-filled adventures!

In this fun adventure, Harry and his friends are having a blast playing in the snowy weather. However, when a big snow storm blocks the roads leading to Huntingdon village, Harry will need to enlist the help of some very large, and very friendly, dinosaur friends to help the villagers. 

narrator Stephen Perring

Read by

Stephen Perring

Stephen Perring's captivating narrations make audiobooks a captivating and enjoyable choice for listeners. With a background in performance and a love for literature, Stephen infuses his narrations...

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