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Of Mountains and Motors

Of Mountains And Motors audiobook front cover.
Of Mountains and Motors audiobook

Book 2 in the fun 1920s detective series starring twin sisters Christie and Agatha!

“His intent is more than clear: he’d rather see me and my car lost, than for us to reach the summit.”

Many are unhappy about Mr Alexander Jr’s daring drive to the summit of Ben Nevis, but who is trying to sabotage the record-setting expedition? Willing passengers Christie and Agatha are keen to embark on a rip-roaring adventure, but soon they’re embroiled in a thicker plot than they bargained for.

narrator Vanessa Labrie

Read by

Vanessa Labrie

Vanessa Labrie's captivating narrations make audiobooks a captivating and enjoyable choice for listeners. With a background in performance and a love for literature, Vanessa infuses her narrations ...

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