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Oliver Twist: Retold for Younger Listeners

Oliver Twist audiobook front cover.
Oliver Twist: Retold for Younger Listeners audiobook

Oliver Twist runs away from the brutality of the workhouse, only to find himself taken in by a gang of thieves run by the devilish Fagin, his violent side-kick Bill Sikes and the irrepressible Artful Dodger. Rescued from London’s dingiest and darkest dens but then forced to help in a violent burglary, Oliver’s chances of survival are slim, and his chances of happiness almost nil. But one member of the gang risks everything to save him – and loses everything as a result. Roy McMillan combines an abridged version of Dickens’s novel with his own helpful explanations to retell the story for younger listeners.

narrator Jonathan Keeble

Read by

Jonathan Keeble

Jonathan Keeble's narrations are marked by his emotive and expressive voice, making audiobooks a captivating and enjoyable choice for listeners. With a background in performance and a love for lite...

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