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The Chime Seekers

The Chime Seekers audiobook front cover.
The Chime Seekers audiobook

Step into a world of faerie tricks and hidden danger...

When an evil faerie steals Yanni’s baby sister and swaps her for a changeling, Yanni is swept into a dangerous race against time to get her back. 

For faeries delight in tricks and rescuing her won’t be easy. With the help of his cousin, Amy, and the reluctant changeling, Yanni must travel to goblin palaces and battle-swept oceans, discovering ancient treasures and secrets along the way. 

Yanni will need every drop of courage and even a few tricks of his own, if he’s to outwit the faerie and save his sister…

narrator Chris Devon

Read by

Chris Devon

Chris Devon's compelling narrations create a captivating atmosphere, making audiobooks an engaging and immersive escape. With a background in theater and a love for literature, Chris infuses his na...

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