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The Finest Nonsense of Edward Lear (selections)

The Finest Nonsense Of Edward Lear audiobook front cover.
The Finest Nonsense of Edward Lear (selections) audiobook
Nearly 150 years since his poetry was first published, Lear’s nonsense rhymes are still popular today. In this lively and colourful audiobook recording, Derek Jacobi reads Lear’s most famous poems and fantastic creations, including The Owl and the Pussy-CatThe Daddy Long-Legs and the FlyThe JumbliesThe Dong with the Luminous Nose and a collection of assorted limericks.
narrator Derek Jacobi

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Derek Jacobi

Renowned for his commanding voice and exceptional storytelling, Derek Jacobi is an iconic figure in the world of audiobook narration. With a career that spans theater, film, and television, Derek's...

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