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The Ultimate Guide to Growing Dragons

The Ultimate Guide to Growing Dragons
The Ultimate Guide to Growing Dragons audiobook

Tomas, the boy who grew dragons, is officially the Grand High Dragon Master! He's lived with his dragons—Flicker and Zing—and grown many more. He's an expert at nurturing the dragonfruit tree. He knows all the tricks of the trade for training dragons, caring for the dragonfruit seedlings and disposing of dragon poo.

But he has this brilliant idea. He and his friends need to get all their dragon expertise down, in one easy-to-read place, for them, and anyone else who might find themselves growing dragons!

The only problem is—Tomas's friends Ted, Kat, Kai, Liam and Aura are currently scattered all around the world, from Suffolk to China. Perhaps, if they can get their heads together, they can figure this all out together, and create the most brilliant ULTIMATE GUIDE ever!

Of course, what they don't realise is they still have a lot to learn when it comes to looking after dragons!

narrator Ewan Goddard

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Ewan Goddard

Ewan Goddard's narrations are marked by his vibrant and expressive voice, making audiobooks an entertaining and enjoyable experience for listeners. As a talented audiobook narrator, Ewan brings his...

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