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Treasure Island

Treasure Island audiobook front cover.
Treasure Island audiobook

Treasure Island must be the most enthralling adventure book ever written for children. As we listen to the voice of Jim Hawkins telling his extraordinary tale, and later that of his companion Dr Livesey, we are plunged into a world of pirates, buried treasure, mutiny and deceit. We meet Billy Bones, Blind Pew, Black Dog and, of course, the charming buccaneer Long John Silver. The action and adventure never falter, and the spell of this enduring story is sustained until the very last word.

narrator Jasper Britton

Read by

Jasper Britton

Jasper Britton's resonant voice and exceptional storytelling abilities make him a sought-after audiobook narrator. With a background in theater and a love for literature, Jasper infuses his narrati...

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