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Rudyard Kipling

Born 1865 in India, Joseph Rudyard Kipling was a journalist, short story writer, poet and novelist. His childhood in India provided inspiration for much of his writing.At the age of five, Kipling was sent from India to England to be educated. He boarded with a couple in Portsmouth, where he was treated with cruelty and neglect. At the age of sixteen, Kipling returned to India, where he felt much more at home. There, he spent the next seven years working for English newspapers, and in 1886 he published his first collection of verse. Upon leaving his role at the newspaper in 1889, he sold the rights to six volumes of short stories and used the money to return to London, travelling through Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and the United States on the way.Kipling continued to travel extensively throughout his life, publishing his most famous works The Jungle Book in 1894, and Kim in 1901. 1n 1907, he received the Nobel Prize for Literature, the first English language writer to do so and the youngest recipient to date.Kipling died in England in 1936, and his ashes are interred at Poet’s Corner.

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