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Susan Coolidge

Sarah Chauncey Woolsey, better known by her pen name Susan Coolidge, was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1835.Part of the influential Dwight family of New England, Coolidge had a privileged upbringing. She worked as a nurse during the Civil War, and began her writing career after the end of the conflict. She never married, but lived alone at her home in Rhode Island, and had an extensive writing career. Best known for her children’s novel What Katy Did and its sequels, Coolidge wrote several other children’s books, short stories, and poems, as well as editing several biographies and collections of letters.‍What Katy Did was based on her own childhood and experiences growing up as part of large family.

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What Katy Did

What Katy Did audiobook front cover.
What Katy Did audiobook

Meet Katy Carr. She’s Impulsive, gangly, adventurous, awkward and brave; she loves clambering over fences, sitting on roofs, making up games or going for picnics with her five brothers and sisters (much to the horror of her Aunt Izzie). But when she falls from a swing, she suddenly has to cope with being stuck indoors – maybe forever… What Katy Did is fresh, lively, funny and moving; and Katy herself is a warm and loving character that readers have taken to their hearts for over 130 years.

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