Old Bear


Old Bear

Old Bear is a fictional character created by British author and illustrator Jane Hissey. Old Bear is the central figure in a series of children's picture books, beginning with the book titled "Old Bear," which was published in 1986. The character is a wise and gentle teddy bear who resides with a group of other stuffed animals in a playroom.

The series follows the adventures and everyday activities of Old Bear and his plush companions, including Bramwell Brown, Little Bear, Rabbit, and Duck. Each character has their own distinct personality and role within the group. The stories often involve imaginative play, problem-solving, and friendship.

Jane Hissey's "Old Bear" series has been cherished by young readers for its heartwarming tales, beautifully detailed illustrations, and themes of camaraderie and creativity. The characters' adventures emphasize the importance of teamwork and kindness, making the series a delightful choice for preschool and early elementary readers.

Old Bear And Friends audiobook front cover.
Old Bear And Friends audiobook back cover.

Old Bear and Friends

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This collection of 13 stories follows the adventures of Old Bear, the wisest and most respected toy in the playroom, and his friends Duck, Rabbit, and Bramwell Brown, Join the toys as they rescue Old Bear from the attic, celebrate his birthday, go on night time adventures, and more.'

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