Kids Headphones

Sale price£29.99

Color: Yellow

The ultimate wired kids’ headphones, safe, strong and packed with fun and comfy features.

Voxblock has partnered with POGS headphones to go with its audiobook player. Although the player works with most other wired headphones, POGS are really comfortable with a snug fit on small ears combined with the best sound. As they are very robust these headphones suit our portable player very well.

We really like that you can link more than one pair of headphones to the player via the POGlink. Great for family listening on the train or in the car.

With an ear friendly volume limited to 85dB even if they turn the sound all the way up, you know they can not damage their hearing.

The QuickSafe cable with integrated microphone is designed to release quickly from POGS if it gets caught, safe for you and your POGS. It’s also a fabric cable so it doesn’t tangle up on you. And what's more, a fabric POGlink cable is included in the box too.