Enjoying Your Holidays with Voxblock: A Parent's Guide

Enjoying Your Holidays with Voxblock: A Parent's Guide

Taking a holiday with kids can be both exciting and a tad challenging. Keeping them entertained while also ensuring they get enough rest can sometimes feel like a juggling act. That's where Voxblock comes in. Our screen-free audiobook player is designed to make your family trips smoother and more enjoyable. Here are four key activities where Voxblock shines on holiday.

While Travelling

Whether you're driving, flying, or taking the train, travelling with kids often involves a lot of “Are we there yet?” moments. With Voxblock, you can turn travel time into story time. Simply pop in their favourite audiobook and let the adventure begin. The beauty of Voxblock is its simplicity – no need to fuss with connectivity or streaming. Just grab a story from the shelf and go. This not only keeps your child entertained but also helps the journey pass more quickly for everyone.

On the Beach or by the Pool

Holidays are for relaxing, and there's nothing like a good story to complement a sunny day by the sea or pool. Voxblock is portable and durable, making it perfect for outdoor use. The kids can listen to their favourite tales while building sandcastles or lounging on a sunbed. And because it's screen-free, you don’t have to worry about glare from the sun or the device overheating.

Independent Play

Children often have bursts of energy and creativity that need an outlet, even on holiday. During those times when you’re busy preparing meals or just taking a moment to yourself, Voxblock can provide the perfect distraction. It encourages independent play by stimulating their imagination through storytelling. Whether they’re acting out scenes from their favourite books or simply enjoying the story, it gives them something engaging to do without relying on screens or needing constant supervision.

Keeping to a Bedtime Routine

Maintaining a bedtime routine on holiday can be tricky, but Voxblock can help. Familiar bedtime stories provide a sense of comfort and normalcy, making it easier for children to wind down in an unfamiliar environment. After a day full of activities, let them choose a calming audiobook to listen to as they drift off to sleep. The consistent routine of a bedtime story helps signal that it’s time to relax, ensuring they get a good night’s rest and are ready for the next day’s adventures.


Voxblock is more than just an audiobook player; it’s a travel companion that makes holidays more enjoyable for both kids and parents. Its ease of use, portability, and screen-free design make it ideal for various holiday activities, from long journeys to quiet evenings. So next time you’re packing for a trip, don’t forget to bring along your Voxblock and a selection of favourite audiobooks. Happy holidays and happy listening!


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