Introducing Our Voxblock Listener's Club

Introducing Our Voxblock Listener's Club

We Want Your Book Reviews

It’s time to get our young listener’s involved. We are excited to launch the Listener’s Club, giving our young listeners the opportunity to send in their reviews of their favourite Voxblock audiobooks. Kids can have a lot to say about how they feel over certain books they have read or listened to and sometimes it's their opinion that counts the most. That's why we want them to be our chief book reviews for our Voxblock catalogue. 

Why Encourage Your Child to Review Books?

There are many reasons why to encourage your child to write a review. Not only can it be really fun, especially if it’s a story they really enjoyed but it can also be another opportunity to grow their literacy. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Improves critical thinking
  • Improves comprehension skills
  • Allows children to be reflective and develop a better understanding of the story
  • Allows you, the parent, to see how your child engaged with the story’s meanings and themes behind it
  • It also gives children the opportunity to build on their vocabulary by learning new descriptive words

Where Will the Review be Published?

Once a month we will gather up the reviews of the month and post a blog post and social post to share the recommendations from our Voxblock Listener’s Club. We hope once we have a selection of reviews for each title to start sharing them on our product pages to have some insights to make it easier for our listeners to choose their next audiobook.

How to Submit Your Child's Review?

You can send your child’s review to the email address

In order to keep some form of anonymity, please sign off your child’s review with just their first name and age only.

How to Approach a Listener's Club Review?

It can be difficult to get started with a review, but don’t worry we have few suggestions for you. First of all the review can be anything you want it to be (just remember your review will be shared publicly). Your review could be something as simple as providing 3 words to describe the story, it can be a long paragraph detailing favourite parts, you could answer the prompt questions below or send in a drawing. It’s totally up to our chief listener’s how they want to present their reviews.


Can Parents Get Involved?

Absolutely, we know parents can enjoy a book as much as the child. We would be more than happy to hear how parents felt about the book as well.


FREE Printable

Book review printable

We now have a free printable that you can download and print out to fill in. If you would prefer to do your review this way, once you have filled it out take a photo and send it in the same way.  

We look forward to seeing your reviews come in and sharing them with our wider audience.


Happy Listening!

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