Use Audiobooks To Inspire Dyslexic Students' Passion for Books

Use Audiobooks To Inspire Dyslexic Students' Passion for Books

Audiobooks can be game-changers for dyslexic students. With a little help from Voxblock audiobook players, you can transform reading struggles into reading triumphs.

By providing an audio version of a story, students can listen to the story while following along with the text. Voxblock audiobook players are the ultimate reading sidekick; reinforcing word recognition, smoothing out fluency, and improving vocabulary.

Listen and learn

Audiobooks allow slower readers to soak up the story without struggling over words. For students who are dyslexic, whose ears are often quicker than their eyes, it's a reading win-win. They can dive into content that's above their reading level and watch their knowledge rocket!

See the confidence grow!

Say goodbye to frustration and hello to confidence. Audiobooks give dyslexic students the power to tackle books independently, boosting self-esteem and keeping them reading alongside with their classmates.

Storytime passion

Audiobooks open up a world of storytelling magic, letting all students immerse themselves in tales. Get lost in stories, discover new worlds, and ignite that spark for lifelong reading adventures!

Top tips for getting started with audiobooks in your classroom

  1. Start with a selection of 3-5 audiobooks, and let your students pick their favourites.
  2. Invest in comfy and quality headphones, which will allow your students to hear the stories in the way they’re meant to be listened to.
  3. Set up a cosy corner for audiobook adventures, complete with bean bags and fairy lights.
  4. Dive into the story together! Reading along and chatting about the plot increases the fun and boosts comprehension.

Ready to rock your classroom with audiobook magic? Get started with Voxblock School Packages from £275 ex VAT. 

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