How can I reduce my child's screen time?

A child looks at an iPad screen.

Screen time has become a bit of a buzzword in recent years. We’re constantly comparing with our friends, and even being told by our devices themselves that we’re spending too much time online. And when it comes to our children, there’s even more guilt and pressure to reduce how much kids are staring at screens - or even cut them out completely.

But how actually important is it to reduce a child’s screen time? And if you do want to cut down, how do you go about doing it?

The benefits of screen time

Firstly it’s important to remember that screens aren’t inherently bad. They’ve been demonised a lot recently, but tablets, laptops and smartphones can all be incredible tools.

Educational TV content has been shown to help improve behaviour, literacy, and cognitive skills for three to five year olds, and video games can benefit motor skills and coordination. But the key to reaping the benefits of these devices, is moderation

The NHS recommends having designated screen free times and locations for children, for example in the hours immediately before bedtime. But many children like having some sort of story or entertainment to wind down with before bed, which is where audiobooks come in. A great alternative to a movie or screen-based game, audiobooks are great for relaxation and mental wellbeing - ideal for the lead up to bedtime.

Screen free alternatives

But if you want to cut out screens completely, then many audiobook formats are excluded too. Voxblock offers an alternative that’s entirely screen and connection free - children can select their own stories without the disturbing glow or visual distractions of using an app. And our sleep mode function means that you can play any story for 20 minutes only, without worrying about when to turn it off or leaving it playing all night.

Screen time is not the enemy, but it’s one tool in a wider set that can be used to educate and engage children. If you want to redress the balance between screens and other resources, then why not give Voxblock a try.

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