Travelling? Bring Your Favourite Stories Along With You.

Travelling? Bring Your Favourite Stories Along With You.

In today’s world, travelling has become a common activity, especially for families who love to explore new places and experience different cultures. For parents, travelling with children can be a challenging experience, as keeping excited and energetic young ones entertained and engaged during long journeys can be a daunting task. Similarly, for children, travelling can be a rather scary and overwhelming experience, especially if they have never left home for an extended period of time before. However, the rise of audiobooks has transformed the way families travel, offering a unique and engaging form of entertainment that benefits both parents and children alike. 

Why Audiobooks?

Audiobooks can be a great resource for children when travelling as they offer a fun and engaging way to pass the time. Among the benefits of using audiobooks while travelling are keeping children entertained with minimal preparation required. Long car, aeroplane, and train journeys can be boring and tiresome for children, and audiobooks can provide an interesting and mindful distraction. Tired of the same old in flight entertainment? Well, audiobooks offer a convenient way to access a wide range of books and stories, without the need to carry physical copies or worry about storage space. Using audiobooks can also limit the amount of games or toys parents need to carry around for their children, which helps in making sure that everyone’s suitcases are under the airline weight limit. 

Portable, Lifelong Entertainment

Another key benefit of audiobooks while travelling is that they can be an easily portable form of entertainment. Audiobooks can allow children or parents alike to enjoy a good book or story while keeping their hands free, which can be particularly useful when performing tasks such as driving or carrying bags. Audiobooks are also useful for multitasking, which is key when traversing through busy spaces like airports, or navigating tasks such as packing or unpacking. 

Furthermore, audiobooks encourage a love of reading, even during time spent away from school. Listening to audiobooks can teach children to enjoy stories and books, which can help foster a lifelong interest in reading. Additionally, audiobooks can provide parents with access to a wide range of educational materials, such as language courses, historical documentaries, and even business resources for those who want to keep their skills up to snuff while on holiday. In particular, language learning audiobooks can prove useful for travelling, both for children and adults, as listening to audiobooks in a foreign language can help improve listening and comprehension skills. Audiobooks for language learning expose listeners to native speakers and a range of language patterns, which increase familiarity with the vocabulary and grammar of the region to which you are travelling. Listeners can also practise pronunciation by repeating phrases along with the narrator. 

Family Fun For Everyone

Family travel is all about spending time with each other, and audiobooks can play an important role in that as well. Audiobooks can provide a shared experience for the whole family, as everyone can listen to and enjoy the story together. Listening to stories together can become key memories for the whole family, and can strengthen the relationships between parents and children. Parents can also use audiobooks to share their cherished childhood favourites with their children, thus letting the stories live on in another generation. 

Travel can be stressful for parents and children alike. Luckily, audiobooks can be a good source of relaxation or stress relief. Listening to an audiobook can be a great way for parents to relax and destress while travelling, particularly during long flights and train journeys. Audiobooks can be useful in keeping children calm and relaxed during long journeys as well by providing them with a welcome distraction from the discomfort of having to sit still on a plane or train or in a car. Listening to familiar stories can also help provide a sense of stability and familiarity for children, which helps them feel more secure and less anxious. Children can let their minds and imaginations run wild, and enjoy both the journey and the destination. 

Why Voxblock?

Voxblock, in particular, can be a great way to listen to audiobooks while travelling. Unlike audiobooks on devices such as phones or tablets, Voxblock does not require users to look at a screen, which can reduce incidences of motion sickness in cars or on trains. Furthermore, Voxblock player batteries can last for up to 14 hours while being actively used. To put this into perspective, that means that someone could use a player for flights all the way from Zurich to Singapore, and still have some battery life to spare. This makes Voxblock ideal for long journeys, as children and adults alike need not ever run out of audio entertainment.
The biggest advantage to using Voxblock while travelling is the simplicity of the design. Voxblock players require no wifi or bluetooth connectivity to be set up or used, and therefore listeners do not have to worry about obstacles like flight mode or losing cell signal on a car or train ride, as they might have to with other forms of entertainment, such as phones or tablets. Simply turn the player on, place the story you want to listen to into the player, and sit back and let yourself be transported into the world of the story of your choosing. Stories can be listened to with headphones, or aloud for the whole family to hear. Plus, the only thing Voxblock audiobook players require to be charged are a simple USB-C charger, which is commonplace for devices such as phones or laptops as well, so bringing a Voxblock player along during travel does not require packing a large amount of additional technology.