The Power of School Libraries: Igniting a Lifelong Love for Learning with Audio Resources

Audio resources in schools

This weekend, 7-8th June, Voxblock is thrilled to take part in the School Library Association conference: Libraries Unleashed: Beyond the Shelves. The conference aims to highlight the crucial role of school libraries and extending their reach into the wider curriculum.

Shockingly, research shows that 14% of primary schools in the UK lack a school library. It is essential to recognise that libraries are not just spaces for books but serve as the heart, soul, and mind of schools.

School libraries play an essential role in providing students with resources that go beyond textbooks. They offer a sanctuary for exploration, creativity, and critical thinking. By incorporating diverse materials, such as magazines, comics and audiobooks, school libraries can ignite students' imagination and instil a love for learning that extends far beyond the classroom.

At Voxblock, we firmly advocate for integrating audio resources into all school libraries. Audiobooks are essential for creating dynamic and immersive literary experiences that can transform libraries into vibrant learning hubs.

The Voxblock audiobook player is a valuable tool for promoting reading and literacy among students. By providing internet-free access to a world of stories, students can immerse themselves in adventures simply by pressing play. It is well-documented that children who read for pleasure exhibit accelerated progress in core subjects like maths and English, underscoring the importance of fostering reading habits.

Looking for inspiration for your library? Check out this excellent post from the Book Trust What makes an inspiring school library? Top tips from Promote Your School

If you are interested in incorporating a listening station in your school library or classroom, or would like to learn more about Voxblock audiobook players, we'd love to hear from you

Image: Dinnington Community Primary School's new library, by Promote Your School

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