Five Reasons Summer Travel is Easier with Voxblock

Five Reasons Summer Travel is Easier with Voxblock

We all know how difficult it can be to travel with kids. Imagine long queues, lack of wifi and early starts, just some of the things that can make travelling a bit of a challenge. It can be hard to find the right thing to keep kids entertained during long travels, without taking up too much room in precious luggage space. So in this blog post we wanted to share five reasons why summer travel is easier with Voxblock.

1. Our player is wifi and connection free

What sets Voxblock apart from other travel companions? Its simplicity. No need for phone based setups or tech savvy wizardry. Voxblock needs no wifi, apps, downloads or data which means it can be used everywhere and anywhere. Press play and go!

2. It is lightweight and portable

Voxblock’s portable design means it is ready to hit the road whenever adventure calls. Whether you are jetting off on a plane, embarking on a train journey or simply cruising in the car, Voxblock’s lightweight versatility makes it the perfect travel companion. Not only that but our Voxblock is robust. Dropped on the way to the gate? No problem. Designed to last, both the books and the player have shown that they can handle the bumps and tussles of a family holiday.

3. A huge library of audiobooks

Voxblock has hundreds of stories to choose from. With a curated library of audiobooks spanning genres and age groups, Voxblock ensures there is something for every young adventurer. There is classics such as Paddington Bear, The Famous Five and Old Bear. But also favourites from the likes of Roald Dahl, Julia Donaldson and Michael Morpurgo.

Plus this summer we have created 3 limited edition summer bundles, containing three stories inspired by summer, travel and adventure.

4. Listening everywhere and anywhere

Due to Voxblock’s no wifi requirement and portability, this audiobook player can even be enjoyed once you have reached your destination. Perfect for keeping the kids entertained during a day at the beach or getting them to sleep after an exciting day.

5.  Long battery life means less charging

With over 14 hours of playtime (that is a flight from Edinburgh to Shanghai), there is no need for constant charging. But if you do need to charge your Voxblock, all that is needed is a USB cable and wall plug.

Discover our screen-free audiobook player from £39.99. Take advantage of our exclusive summer offer, when you buy a screen-free audiobook player receive a protective bumper of your choice for FREE. All you need to do is add a player with your chosen bumper into the basket and enter the code SUMMER at the checkout.

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