Voxblock and the Montessori Way

Voxblock and the Montessori Way

Imagine a world where learning is simple, interactive, and tailored to each child's unique needs. That's the vision shared by Voxblock and the Montessori approach to education. Together, they emphasise simplicity, child-centred design, and hands-on learning, making them the perfect partners in shaping young minds.

At its core, Voxblock embodies simplicity and low-tech functionality, echoing the principles of Montessori education. Its design prioritises accessibility and ease of use, seamlessly aligning with Montessori's commitment to fostering independent learning. Whether it's inserting an audiobook or adjusting playback, Voxblock empowers children to take control of their learning journey, one click at a time.

Montessori pedagogy highlights the importance of using tools and materials tailored to children's developmental stages. Voxblock mirrors this philosophy with its user-friendly interface designed specifically for young learners.

The compatibility of Voxblock with outdoor learning further highlights its alignment with Montessori principles. As a device designed for durability and portability, Voxblock enables children to extend their learning beyond the confines of the classroom, embracing the natural world as an extension of their classroom. Just imagine the possibilities of taking Voxblock outside for some hands-on learning in nature. Here is a fantastic example by @thepiplets of using their Voxblock for outdoor learning.

As Dr. Maria Montessori famously said,  "The hand is the instrument of intelligence.  The child needs to manipulate objects and to gain experience by touching and handling"

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