Audiobooks in Early Years Classrooms

Audiobooks in Early Years Classrooms

Searching for audiobooks to captivate preschoolers, nursery, or reception-aged children? Look no further! We've chosen a selection of audiobooks specially tailored for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) children.

Regular reading with EYFS children is essential for nurturing their communication and language skills, all while igniting their imagination. Certain stories also serve as invaluable tools for fostering personal, social, and emotional growth, prompting meaningful discussions about characters' decisions and emotions.

Audiobooks can be enjoyed in various ways. Whether it's a lively group session or integrated into free-play activities using a Voxblock player, these stories are sure to enrapture young listeners.

But why are audiobooks such a hit in early years classrooms?

Timeless Classics: Audiobooks offer easy access to beloved tales like A Bear Called Paddington and The Tales of Peter Rabbit. Memorable characters make stories come alive. They're not just fun to listen to; they also give us lots to talk about.

Repetition and Rhyming: Repetition isn't just entertaining; it's a clever way to bolster language skills. Rhyming tunes get kids into the rhythmic flow of language. Dive into classics like The Gruffalo for masterful examples of repetition and rhyme.

Everyone Loves a Chuckle: Laughter is infectious, especially in stories like Harry and the Dinosaurs And A Monster Surprise. Humorous tales not only entertain but also make reading feel accessible and lighthearted.

Feel All the Feels: Tales like Maggie Sparks and the Monster Baby help children navigate complex emotions. Exploring feelings through audiobooks builds empathy and emotional intelligence.

Once Upon A Time...: Who says learning can't be fun? Audiobooks like Fairy Tales For You are brimming with fun, sparking curiosity and critical thinking.

Top Ten Audiobooks for EYFS

  1. A Bear Called Paddington

  2. Harry and the Dinosaurs - A Monster Surprise

  3. Maggie Sparks and the Monster Baby

  4. The Gruffalo

  5. Enchanted Meditations for Kids

  6. The Tale of Peter Rabbit

  7. Carnival of the Animals

  8. Fairy Tales For You

  9. Room on the Broom

  10. Pippi Longstocking 

Using audiobooks in early years classrooms isn't just about reading—it's about embarking on a journey of imagination and discovery. So, grab those headphones or gather 'round the story mat, and let the adventure begin with just a tap of play!


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