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Horrid Henry is a mischievous and delightfully devilish young boy, around the age of eight, who serves as the protagonist of a popular children's book series. With his shock of untamed hair, a mischievous glint in his eye, and a perpetual smirk on his face, Henry is the epitome of trouble and rebellion.

He embodies the essence of childhood naughtiness, and readers can't help but be drawn to his cheeky antics.

At first glance, Henry may come across as an incorrigible troublemaker, constantly getting into one escapade after another, causing havoc wherever he goes. He possesses an insatiable thirst for adventure and a boundless curiosity that often leads him astray. Henry's primary goal in life seems to be making the world a more exciting place, even if it means bending or breaking the rules. He is remarkably clever and resourceful, always finding new and inventive ways to outsmart adults, especially his long-suffering parents and teachers. His devious plans are frequently filled with schemes to avoid doing his chores, seeking revenge on his goody-two-shoes brother Perfect Peter, and outwitting authority figures with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. Despite his apparent penchant for chaos, Horrid Henry isn't entirely heartless. Underneath his rebellious exterior, he possesses a sense of loyalty and a soft spot for his friends and his beloved pet, Fang the dog. He can occasionally be thoughtful and caring, albeit in his peculiar way, but those moments are often overshadowed by his wild escapades. Throughout the series, Henry's adventures teach young readers valuable lessons about consequences, responsibility, and the importance of being true to oneself. While he may not always make the right choices, his spirited determination and refusal to conform to societal norms make him an endearing character. Horrid Henry's misadventures and rebellious spirit make him a beloved character for children and a reminder to adults of the wild and imaginative side of childhood. He proves that, while being good is essential, embracing a bit of chaos and mischief along the way can lead to some truly unforgettable moments.

Horrid Henry And Friends audiobook front cover.
Horrid Henry and Friends
Horrid Henrys Perfect Pet Tales audiobook front cover.
Horrid Henry's Perfect...
Front view of Horrid Henry's Super School Stories Voxblock, a physical audiobook made of layers of card, about the size of a cassette. Cover art shows Henry and his friends wearing school backpacks, in front of the school building.
Horrid Henry's Super S...
This image shows the front covers of the three audiobooks in Voxblock's Horrid Henry Audiobook Bundle. In the front is Horrid Henry and Friends. Behind it are Horrid Henry's Super School Stories, and Horrid Henry's Perfect Pet Tales.
Horrid Henry Audiobook...
Alex Rider Audiobook Bundle
Alex Point Blanc audiobook front cover.
Alex Rider Skeleton audiobook front cover.
Alex Rider audiobook front cover.

Alex Rider Audiobook Bundle

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This bundle contains three audiobooks from the Alex Rider spy novel series, written by British author Anthony Horowitz: