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The Wishing Chair Series from Enid Blyton

Welcome to the magical realm of the Wishing Chair series on Voxblock. Dive into the adventures of Mollie, Peter, and their extraordinary Wishing Chair, a seemingly ordinary piece of furniture that sprouts wings and takes them on fantastic journeys. In this beloved series by Enid Blyton , readers are transported to enchanted lands, meeting whimsical characters like the kind-hearted pixie, Chinky, and encountering a host of challenges and mysteries.


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The Adventures Of The Wishing Chair audiobook front cover.
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More Wishing Chair Stories audiobook front cover.
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The Wishing Chair Again audiobook front cover.
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This is an image of the front covers of the audiobooks included in Voxblock's Enid Blyton Wishing Chair Bundle. In the front is The Adventures of the Wishing Chair, and behind it are More Wishing Chair Stories and The Wishing Chair Again.
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