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Enchanted Meditations for Kids

Enchanted Meditations For Kids audiobook front cover.
Enchanted Meditations for Kids audiobook

These stunning meditations will help children with confidence, self-esteem, and creativity. We like to think of childhood as an idyllic, worry-free time, but the reality is very different. Exam stress, bullying, peer pressure, and family breakups are part of life, and many children don’t have a chance to catch their breath before it’s time for bed.

This wonderful audiobook does more than just entertain children; it provides a wonderful way to introduce children at an early age, or even in the teen years, to the art of relaxation. Christiane’s approach is very child-centered and uses imagery and language that children identify with. Using simple visualisations, Christiane invites the listener into a world of magic where kids can explore their creativity and develop a good sense of positivity in their daily life, both at home and at school.