Enchanted Meditations For Kids audiobook front cover.
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Enchanted Meditations for Kids

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3+ Years
en English

These stunning meditations will help children with confidence, self-esteem, and creativity. We like to think of childhood as an idyllic, worry-free time, but the reality is very different. Exam stress, bullying, peer pressure, and family breakups are part of life, and many children don’t have a chance to catch their breath before it’s time for bed.

This wonderful audiobook does more than just entertain children; it provides a wonderful way to introduce children at an early age, or even in the teen years, to the art of relaxation. Christiane’s approach is very child-centered and uses imagery and language that children identify with. Using simple visualisations, Christiane invites the listener into a world of magic where kids can explore their creativity and develop a good sense of positivity in their daily life, both at home and at school.

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Just like all our titles, this audiobook can be played using the Voxblock player (available separately).

No, the player will return to the same point next time you listen to that story.

In addition to Enchanted Meditations for Kids we have a growing library of world-class stories for children aged three and up.

The blocks look and feel like a book, and are made of layers of recycled card with a beautifully printed cover.

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