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Magical Adventures & Magical Me

Magical Adventures & Magical Me audiobook front cover.
Magical Adventures & Magical Me audiobook
Experienced psychotherapist Heather Bestel introduces listeners to the world of relaxation, in these two meditations.
Magical Adventures focuses on helping children to discover their inner resources, helping them along the way to build their confidence and creativity. 

With Magical Me, children learn to find their inner calm and develop some wonderful resources to empower them whenever they need.

These audiobooks are ideal for using at home: during chill out time, at bedtime, on long journeys, before exams or anytime children need to switch off and relax. They can also be used at school: at the beginning or end of each class, in the chill out zone, and during circle time.

narrator Heather Bestel

Read by

Heather Bestel

Heather Bestel's soothing and melodic voice creates a calming and comforting atmosphere in her audiobook narrations. As an experienced narrator and therapist, Heather infuses her narrations with wa...

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