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Ways to be me

Ways to be me
Ways to be me audiobook

Taking place before Can You See Me? and Do You Know Me? Ways to be me is the prequel in which we follow Tally through her autism diagnosis in her final year of primary school.

A young Tally had high hopes for Year 6.

Being in the top class at school and having a great prospect for getting the lead role in the school's production, Tally has a great amount of privilege. 

But behind the curtain, things aren't going so well at home. Mum and Dad have been making Tally feel stressed and upset, and Tally wishes things didn't bother her as much as they did - but they do, and sometimes she feels so misunderstood and frustrated, she could explode.

But then Tally's mum and dad tell her something she's never heard about before. Something called autism. And everything changes.

narrator Imogen Wilde

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Imogen Wilde

Imogen Wilde is a gifted audiobook narrator whose entrancing voice has earned her a devoted following of literature enthusiasts. With a background in theater and a passion for storytelling, Imogen ...

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