Famous Five Intro Pack

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The Famous Five Intro Pack includes a Voxblock player, the Famous Five: Five On A Treasure Island audiobook, a protective bumper and a charging cable.With no app, no download, and no setup required, it's ready to play and go - anywhere, and everywhere. This Starter Pack comes with a protective bumper and 1 audiobook. 

Color: Orange

Easy to use

Voxblock is ready to play right out of the box, with no wifi or setup required.

no wifi, no connectivity, no hassle

Zero connectivity

Simple to set up, no parents required

Parent-free set-up

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Unwind without screens

Child drawing a picture with a voxblock player with green bumper on the table. The audiobook he is listening to is the Jungle Book which has a green cover with plants.


Creativity and imagination

Explore new worlds with our growing library of stories to nurture development and develop valuable language and listening skills for lifelong learning.

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Young girl lying down playing with wooden toys whilst listening to a voxblock audiobook player using green headphones


Learning made easy

Encourage learning and enhance literacy skills with our easy-to-use screen-free audiobook player that will become your kids favourite companion.

10 year old girl smiling on holiday holding a voxblock player in one hand and an audiobook in the other.


100 day money-back guarantee

We’re confident you’ll love Voxblock, but on the off chance it isn’t for you, you can send it back, no questions asked for a full refund.

Finally let's get our children off screens!!


Genuinely one of the standout products of this decade.

Mariola Seeruthun Kowalczyk

My eight year old loves her new Voxblock!


Beautiful little thing!


Great product for 9 year old lots of book selections.