5 Fun Activities to Do This World Book Day

5 Fun Activities to Do This World Book Day

Celebrate the wonderful world of books and literacy this 7th of March with World Book Day. No doubt, you're busy planning fantastic costumes for themed school days and selecting books with those book tokens. As World Book Day approaches, we thought it would be great to share some fun and exciting activities perfect for home or school.

1. Create a Book Review

Writing a book review can be a great way for children to analyse the book they have just read or listened to. It gives children the opportunity to reflect on the plot of the story but also how the story made them feel. Did you know Voxblock has a Listener’s Club? Share your favourite Voxblock story review, and will be featured in a blog post and social media, potentially inspiring others' book choices.

2. Do a Book Swap

Gather friends and swap your beloved books. It's an excellent way to discover new favourites and recommendations while fostering a shared interest in stories. For Voxblock listeners in our Facebook community, you can also organise swaps of your Voxblocks' with fellow enthusiasts.

3. Design a Book Cover

Kids often love drawing pictures inspired by their favourite stories. Challenge them to design a new book cover based on their favourite part or emotions from the story. Get creative with various materials – add glitter for a touch of magic, for instance. Plus, there's an official World Book Day competition running on the WBD website to design next year's book token if they fancy a challenge!

4. Write a Short Story

Get inspired by your favourite stories and write little short stories to share with friends and family or even in the classroom. This is a great way to make literacy development fun and also to build your child's imagination. To make it a little easier, provide prompts like a genre, a character, and a scene. Some examples:

  • Fantasy: a young girl finds a magic stone, needs to deliver it to the king before the evil witch finds it
  • Action: siblings, find out their parents are spies and need to rescue them from the villain
  • Comedy: a dad, who likes to prank the neighbourhood

5. Make a Character Mask

Bring favourite characters to life with homemade masks. It's a fun way to kickstart World Book Day costumes too. There are various simple yet creative ways to make your masks. Here are some examples to inspire you:

  • Paper Plates: Ideal for detailed characters, use the paper plates to add some           layered detail before painting over. Attach elastic to make it wearable
  • Felt: To make animal characters come alive, felt will create some fuzzy texture

    We hope you have a great World Book Day and have some amazing costumes planned. Keep an eye out for our double tokens for book orders and our exclusive offer for new customers.