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Class Audiobook of the Month - March

Class Audiobook of the Month - March

The Class Audiobook of the Month is chosen each month to highlight our favourite audiobooks for classrooms. If you have a favourite book which you have listened to as a class we would love to hear from you Don’t forget schools get a 10% discount on all audiobook purchases. Just contact the Schools Team to receive your exclusive discount code. 

March 2024

Fiction - The Boy Who Grew Dragons

Year 2/ Primary 3  Ages 6-7

Are you ready for a magical adventure that will whisk you away to a world where dragons roam and surprises await at every turn? The first Voxblock Class Read of the Month is the adventurous tale of "The Boy Who Grew Dragons."

Imagine stumbling upon a mysterious old tree nestled in your grandad's garden. That's exactly what happens to Tomas, our brave young protagonist. At first, he doesn't pay much attention to it, but everything changes when he discovers a peculiar fruit hanging from its branches. Little does he know, these fruits hold the key to an extraordinary discovery.

As Tomas brings one of the fruits home, he experiences the shock and delight of a lifetime when a tiny dragon emerges from its shell! Meet Flicker, Tomas's very own dragon companion. Life with Flicker is nothing short of exhilarating, but it comes with its fair share of surprises. From setting toothbrushes on fire to leaving pants dangling from TV aerials, Flicker's antics keep Tomas on his toes.

Written by Andy Shepherd, " The Boy Who Grew Dragons" is the first book in an enchanting new series that promises to spark your pupils’ imaginations and leave them spellbound.

Listen to an excerpt here

To accompany the book, there are a selection of learning resources you and use for FREE! Download them here

Don't miss out on the excitement – grab your copy of the audiobook today and get ready to soar with Tomas and Flicker! 

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