7 reasons Voxblock is the ultimate Christmas gift for kids

7 reasons Voxblock is the ultimate Christmas gift for kids

With the festive season fast approaching, it's almost time to seek out that ideal present that will light up the faces of the little ones. If you're in search of a gift that blends entertainment, education, and sheer convenience, look no further than Voxblock the screen-free audio player for kids.  We’ve highlighted seven reasons we think it makes the perfect Christmas present.

1. Voxblock nurtures a passion for literacy

In a world where screens tend to dominate our attention, Voxblock emerges as a gift that cultivates a true love for literacy. This screen-free audio player for kids introduces youngsters to the enchanting universe of stories. Through our extensive library, kids can embark on remarkable adventures, encounter captivating characters, and develop a profound appreciation for literature. Whether it's timeless fairy tales, thrilling escapades, or heartwarming bedtime stories, Voxblock offers a treasure trove of literary delights.

2. Voxblock boosts literacy skills

Voxblock goes beyond pure entertainment; it's a valuable ally in the quest to enhance literacy skills. According to research conducted by The National Literacy Trust, listening to audio stories significantly enriches a child's vocabulary, comprehension, and language proficiency. Voxblock engages children in stories narrated by skilled orators, aiding them in refining pronunciation and fluency. It's a captivating avenue for youngsters to develop crucial language abilities whilst enjoying themselves.

3. Voxblock ignites the imagination

The power of imagination knows no bounds, and Voxblock can be a spark that ignites it. As children listen to narrated tales, they craft vivid mental images, allowing their imagination to soar. This active engagement not only deepens their comprehension but also stimulates their creativity. Whether they're exploring distant lands or embarking on daring quests, Voxblock transports children to worlds that are limited only by the boundaries of their own imagination.

4. Voxblock fosters independence

One of Voxblock's standout attributes is its simplicity. Conceived by parents for children aged 3-12, Voxblock requires no internet connection, apps, downloads, or convoluted setups. This empowers children to use it independently, bolstering their sense of self-reliance and responsibility. With Voxblock, children can choose and enjoy their preferred stories without the need for adult intervention, making it an ideal gift for nurturing independence.

5. Voxblock is effortless and ready to go

Christmas mornings are filled with eager anticipation, and Voxblock adds to the enchantment by being ready to use straight from the wrapping paper. There's no assembly, no requirement for an internet connection, and no intricate setup. Simply unwrap Voxblock, switch it on, and let the enchanting world of storytelling unfold. It's a gift that ensures the fun begins immediately, enabling kids to immerse themselves in the joy of stories without delay.

6. Voxblock is perfect for both school and home

Voxblock isn't confined to home use; it's also a splendid addition to the classroom. Voxblock Schools, designed for educational environments, offers an array of packages suitable for individual students, small groups, or entire classes. Educators can incorporate Voxblock into their lesson plans, enhancing literacy skills and creating engaging learning experiences.

7. Voxblock is a gift that keeps giving

The delight of Voxblock extends well beyond the festive season. With its extensive collection of audiobooks and regular library updates, it's a gift that continues to provide joy. Children can explore new stories, broaden their horizons, and relish the magic of story telling long after the Christmas decorations have been taken down.

This Christmas, give the gift of Voxblock – a present that melds education, entertainment, and autonomy. Voxblock embodies the spirit of learning, imagination, and delight, making it the quintessential Christmas gift. The best way to begin is with our Voxblock Starter Pack which includes the player, three stories and protective bumper for £59.99. We hope you and your young listener enjoy!

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