Building literacy through audio

Building literacy through audio

Voxblock Schools: Building literacy skills through bringing audio to the classroom

We are excited to announce our new product, Voxblock Schools. Our new offering is tailored specifically for primary and nursery classrooms or libraries, addressing the need to bring audio into educational settings. Audio stories have the ability to inspire a love for books, boost literacy skills, and provide hours of entertainment, with that in mind Voxblock Schools is set to transform the way children learn and engage with literature.

The Voxblock difference

Voxblock was designed by us;  parents, specifically for children aged 3-12, and has earned accolades for its ease of use and connectivity-free operation. This means no internet connection, no need for Wi-Fi, apps, downloads, logins, or passwords. In fact, we were named the Best Kids Audio Player for Ease of Use by The Independent in 2022. Children can operate Voxblock independently, empowering them to immerse themselves in the world of stories without any adults.

Unlocking literacy through audiobooks

Extensive research has shown the immense benefits of audiobooks in cultivating a love for reading among children. Recognising this potential we created Voxblock Schools to help make classrooms and school libraries even more accessible spaces for all children, where literacy skills are built, and stories can be enjoyed by every student - no matter their reading capabilities.

A range of packages to suit every school

Voxblock Schools offers various packages tailored to individual pupils, small groups, or entire classes. Schools can seamlessly integrate Voxblock into classrooms, libraries, or as part of special education needs (SEN) or learning enhancement programs.

Prices for Voxblock Schools start at only £275, excluding VAT, and come in different sizes from 5 players to 20 players. Each package includes Voxblock screen-free audiobook players, a selection of audiobooks, supporting resources, charging hubs, and aux cables for connecting to speakers for whole-class listening. Schools also receive an ongoing discount of 10% on additional books and players. The product is designed to make it as easy as possible to use audio in schools, allowing teachers to focus on what they do best. 

Designed for durability and accessibility

Voxblock's are uniquely suited to the school and nursery environment. Their protective bumper and robust design can withstand high levels of use. With long battery life and no need for connectivity, they are ready for action whenever needed.

Image of a child's treasure box filled with audiobooks

The audio library display at Cannongate Primary School. 

A vast library of stories

With over 150 stories suitable for nursery and primary school children, Voxblock offers something for every classroom. From short stories ideal for group listening during snack time to longer chapter books perfect for smaller groups following along with physical copies, Voxblock caters to diverse reading preferences.

Supporting schools and building libraries

Schools and parents can collaborate through the "Support Your School" Voxblock program, where participating schools receive a unique discount code that allows parents to save £10 on Voxblock Starter Packs. Each time the code is used, the school benefits from a free audiobook, promoting the growth of school libraries and enhancing the reading experience for students.

What the teachers think

Prior to the official launch, Voxblock Schools underwent trials in schools and received enthusiastic feedback from teachers. Leah, a primary 3-4 class teacher, shared, "The use of Voxblock helps cover many of the literacy outcomes, focusing on listening, talking, and reading. It has helped students engage in new stories and gain exposure to more worlds, ultimately improving vocabulary and comprehension."

Rachel, a lower primary teacher, expressed her excitement about integrating Voxblock into the classroom. "Using Voxblock will allow me to focus time on small groups while students are learning vocabulary in a safe and engaging way. I’m really looking forward to seeing Voxblock go from strength to strength in the classroom," she remarked.

Discover Voxblock Schools

For educators looking to transform their classrooms and nurture a love for reading, Voxblock Schools is the answer. Explore the Voxblock Schools packages here and if you have any questions get in touch on

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