Audiobooks the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Audiobooks the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Sometimes getting engrossed in an audiobook can be fun for all the family and is a great way to encourage literacy development within the household. There are many ways you could incorporate audiobooks into family activities. Some examples include snuggling up on the sofa with a hot chocolate to listen, going on a road trip and having the audiobook playing aloud for the whole car to hear, or going on a family picnic and having your Voxblock player on hand to listen while eating. But it can also be difficult to pick a story everyone will enjoy, so we have brought together a few of our favourite stories that are perfect for the whole family.

1. The Boy Who Grew Dragons

The Boy Who Grew Dragons audiobook front cover.

This magical and fun story will have everyone wishing dragons existed. Join Tomas as he discovers a tree in his grandad's garden that grows dragons. Discover how unpredictable life can be with dragons, from setting your toothbrush on fire, to stealing your trousers. Plus if you enjoy this book there are five others available at Voxblock.

2. Baby Aliens Got My Teacher

This story by Pamela Butchart will have everyone in fits of laughter. Izzy and her friends discover their teacher has been taken over by aliens. Izzy and her friends must hurry and save everyone before she turns the entire class into aliens. This story is made even more exciting with Susan Calman’s colourful narration. If you love this, discover more Pamela Butchart stories at Voxblock for more belly laughs.

3. A Mole Like No Other

A Mole Like No Other audiobook front cover.

If you are looking for something more chill and relaxing. This heartwarming story follows a toy mole called Moley trying to find his place in the world. Set in a cosy English country house with a traditional garden but behind the tranquillity, challenges and even dangers await Moley. This fun story is told beautifully with lovely (and wise) life lessons, plus great humour.

4. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

If you are looking for a classic, we recently launched some Roald Dahl favourites into our catalogue. Explore the chocolate factory, with Charlie Bucket, that is owned by the mysterious Willy Wonka. After unexpectedly winning a golden ticket, Charlie’s dream comes true to see inside the factory, which turns into an experience in itself. David Tennant narrates this wickedly humorous modern classic.

5. The Famous Five: Five On A Treasure Island

Another classic series and another great choice for the whole family. This mystery adventure will have you joining Julian, Dick, George and Anne as they find a shipwreck near Kirrin Island. Their adventure turns into a treasure hunt as they discover a mysterious box. They will need to work together to find the hidden treasure because they are not alone, and it is a race against time to reach the treasure first. If you enjoyed this story we have The Famous Five stories as a complete three book bundle.

We hope you enjoy these audiobook recommendations. If you have already listened to some of these, especially as a family, send us a Listener’s Club review to

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