February's Listeners Club Reviews

February's Listeners Club Reviews

We have our first Listener’s Club roundup for you today. We received some amazing reviews of a variety of books and we were even lucky enough to have some photos and illustrations included in there too. We enjoy seeing just how much our young listeners enjoy their Voxblocks and we look forward to seeing more reviews coming in.

Horrible Histories Bundle

horrible histories review

From Naomi.


The Polar Bear Explorer's Club

The Polar Bear Explorer's Club front cover


“It was a great and funny book to read and listen to like all the fuss about the mustache combing.  It was well written and a good adventure great for children of ages 7-9. I liked how Stella wanted to be an explorer but she was not allowed to be an explorer but she never gave up. It was very fun to listen to it was a good thing to do when you were bored.  I recommend it to most people.”

From Kit aged nine, Wellington NZ.


Cookie and the Most Mysterious Mystery in the World

Cookie review

From Tilly, aged 8.



Twitch front cover


“I loved listening to this with my family. It's a sort of crime-mystery mashup. Very exciting, there's a sequel, which is also very good. I would recommend it for most kids between the ages of 7-11. It's about a kid who's a bird watcher and his friends who he convinces to be bird watchers too.”

From Roo, aged 11, Aotearoa

Parent review (Roo’s mum): “I wouldn't let them listen without me! I wanted to know what happened. Lovely story about kids helping each other, good twist at the end, three dimensional characters, and we learned some bird facts too!”


Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles

Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles front cover

 “Good mystery, interesting ending. It felt like there were some loose ends. Great narrator because their tone hardly ever changed. Worth listening to multiple times and very good bit before the end.”

From Jamie

We hope you enjoyed these reviews, if you would like to send in your own review send an email to stephanie@voxblock.co.uk

You can get more useful tips on writing a book review from our Listeners Club blog post and we also have a new FREE book review printable that you can download.


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