Birthday Gift Idea

Birthday idea for all kids - no screens audiobook player

Voxblock - the perfect gift for kids aged 3 to 12

Screen free audiobooks

  • No set up (no wifi to join, charging to do or apps to download) so your Voxblock can be used as soon as it’s unwrapped
  • With over 130 stories you can create the perfect bundle for your young listener
  • You’re giving the gift of learning; The Literacy Trust research shows that listening to audio-stories builds comprehension and literacy skills 
  • Both the player and the books are very robust, and have shown they can handle the bumps and tussles of life with a child (even one who’s had a bit too much birthday sugar!)

  • If you're not sure what they'd like you can buy a Voxblock Gift Card and let your young listener choose

The Voxblock Starter Pack

The best way to begin with Voxblock is a Starter Pack. The pack includes a Voxblock Player, a protective bumper in your choice of orange, green or red and three audiobooks all for £59.99. We are currently offering free shipping within the UK.

We have four packs that we’ve selected for you, or you can choose your own.  If you’d like to choose your own, you can use our age based suggestions of stories below. 

Our pre-selected packs are:

Funny and Feelgood- Horrid Henry and Friends, Lost on Infinity, The Finest Nonsense of Edward Lear

Winding Down - Bedtime Meditations for Kids, The Wind in the Willows, The Adventures of the Wishing Chair

Early Listeners - Pinocchio, Pippi Longstocking, The Case of the Disgusting School Dinners

Advanced Listeners -  Malamander, Robinson Crusoe, Can You See Me?

Audiobook Gift Ideas

Audiobook gift ideas kids aged 3 - 5

Stories for three to five year olds:

Old Bear:

Perfect for our youngest listeners, Old Bear has 13 short stories following his adventures with his friend Duck, Rabbit, and Bramwell Brown.

A Mole Like No Other:

is a delightful book about a toy mole who is looking for love, friendship, and his place in the world. The story of Moley and his friends – toys and real animals – touches on emotions, friendship and has a bit of humour thrown in for good measure. 

My First Beethoven Album:

This includes 18 of Beethoven’s most famous works, introducing young listeners to a legend of classical music. 


Audiobook gift ideas kids aged 5 - 8

 Stories for five to eight year olds:

 Pippi Longstocking:

Beloved by kids of all ages, but pitch perfect for 5-8 Pippi is the strongest (and most adventurous) girl in the world. 

A Bear Called Paddington:

Britain’s most famous bear is a consistent best seller here at Voxblock HQ. Join him on his adventures with only a jar of marmalade, a suitcase, and his hat.

The Adventures of the Wishing Chair:

Filled with magic and adventure, this classic tale of siblings Mollie and Peter who find a magical chair while searching for the perfect birthday present for their mother, continues to delight. 

Swan Lake:

Through the use of narration, this telling of the classical ballet Swan Lake helps listeners make sense of the story the music tells, and explains what the iconic characters of Odette, Odile, and Prince Siegfried are doing in each scene. 

The Boy Who Flew with Dragons:

Looking for a story filled with magic and adventure? This story follows Tomas and his friends as they raise dragons and learn how the tree they grew on, the dragon fruit tree, came to be. 

Audiobook gift ideas kids aged 8 - 10

Stories for eight to ten year olds:


A trio of funny stories from BBC Blue Peter’s Konnie Huq. Cookie is an endearing character who has never liked the word “no.” Another fan favourite, it features her chaotic family life and madcap school science projects. The books won the Stockport Children’s Book Award for best read for 7-9 years in 2020. 

Horrible Histories:

These comedic retellings of historical time periods in Britain shed light on the parts of the past that we’re less likely to learn about in school - such as how Britons got their hair nice and spiky, and stag hunting at Paddington station.  Their’s four gruesome tales available. 


Looking for a bit of mystery? Follow the story of Herbie Lemon, a self-titled ‘lost-and-founder’ at the Nautilus Hotel, as he helps solve local mysteries involving local legend and myth. 

Lost on Infinity:

Looking for something different? This story which is interlaced with (fairly calm) rock music, it’s a fan favourite here at Voxblock. The story itself contains a powerful message about extinction- but it shows that  even the smallest creatures, and humans, can make the biggest difference. 

Enchanted Meditations for Kids:

This book is wonderful for helping children calm down from the stresses of school, and encouraging them in their hobbies and creative pursuits.  

Audiobook gift ideas kids aged 10 and over

Stories for ten plus:

Can You See Me:

A well-loved bestseller, this story follows Tally, an eleven-year-old autistic girl as she navigates school and friendships. Co-author Libby Scott is autistic herself and she is also 11 years old, thus ensuring that the narrative of Can You See Me? is as credible as possible. With that in mind this heartwarming book is widely regarded as a very realistic portrayal of autism, and a great depiction of the situations autistic children face everyday. 

Who Let the Gods Out:

Follow Elliot as he navigates everyday difficulties of life in school and at home, but with an added twist – zodiac signs that have crashed to Earth and come to life, and Greek gods coming out of retirement. 

Alex Rider:

Looking for a book filled with thrills and adventure? This is the story of Alex Rider, teenage super spy helping MI6 as he tries to keep the world safe from trouble. 

The Chime Seekers:

This story follows Yanni and her cousin Amy as the pair attempt to save Yanni’s little sister from an evil faerie who stole her and replaced her with a changeling. 

Escape the Rooms:

From bungee jumping, to riddles, to daring escapes from bears and lions, this book has got it all. Follow Jack and Cally in this hilarious adventure, as they attempt to escape a series of rooms below a fairground. 


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